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The Nature Zine Issue 3 w/cassette


***Special Limited Edition***

Limited to 100 copies.

The third and latest issue of the Nature Zine, released January 2015. This edition has a full color cover printed on 67 lb cardstock. Rest of the zine is black/white.

Includes audio cassette tape (47 minutes) with screen printed sleeve adhered to cover. Tape includes sounds altered, looped and layered by EMASCULATE REGRESSION and The Glass Path using source recordings collected in forests by Ness.

A submission based zine, DIY print and assembling. Forty-two pages of photos, art, stories, essays, recipes and more from multiple contributors. People share their fears, passions, and thoughts on exploring, connecting with and studying nature - and disconnecting with the urban world. Tips are also included on identifying flora and fauna.

Includes 1 copy of the limited edition color cover issue 3 with audio cassette. Mailed First Class.